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June 2014

  • Week of June 8th, 2014

Customers are at your restaurant for a dinning experience. Provide them with what they are looking for and they will be a regular for years to come. Fall short and they not only will not come back, but they will tell others not to also! Do not miss this opportunity, rarely do you get a second chance.

Previous Tips

  • Week of May 4th, 2014

Know your menu, know your menu, know your menu. When you interview, be proactive and ask for a menu to take with you. Chain restaurants have great training programs that guide you through the menu and kitchen; bars and smaller places expect you to learn on your own. You will save yourself much time by knowing everything!

  • Week of April 27th, 2014

Be Nice to the Kitchen Staff. Chefs and cooks can be very difficult and it’s not their fault: they’re hot, cooking, and feel they can’t be harassed with a table wanting spinach on the side/extra chili/no chili. Realize that it’s the ultimate "Shoot The Messenger In The Face" scenario and that they will at one point lose it for no reason. Also realize that you will at one point either fly into a rage or hysterically tell them it’s not your fault table 2 is gluten free or wants a different vegetable.

Counter this by constantly offering them jugs of juice/cola from the bar (or whatever your restaurant will provide) and complimenting them on the food. Say thank you and please and say things like "Wow that dish looked amazing or table 12 really liked the steak!" It will go a long way and help you through the more emotional times.


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