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Please fill out the following application if you need a server for one event. This could be last minute or if someone quits on you and you need someone to fill in. We have a list of servers who are on call and do not wish to work on a permanent bases. There is a $25 Server Fee with this request. Once you have hit "submit" you will be asked to check out on the following page.

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Time Server is Needed

Pay (Hours and Pay must be Guaranteed.
Please list total pay for all Hours

Type of Event

Dress Required

Aprox. Age

Are Visible Tattoos OK?

Jewelry Limitations

Type Of Person You Are Looking For

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Our on call servers are servers that have signed up through our site and come with no guarantee. These are people that have filled out a profile and claim to have experience. A personal interview has been done with these people and to the best of our knowledge they are qualified. We offer no guarantee of dependability, ability, reliability or any other guarantee. We only offer you the connection of server and establishment. You also agree that you will be not hire a full time/permanent employee contracted to you through NYSSRP without first getting authorization from NYSSRP. There is a permanent placement fee that must be paid prior to hiring permanently. Failure to pay this fee will result in the loss of use of our service permanently.

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