Our Guarantee

Our guarantee to every person who signs up with NYSSRP is job placement in a minimum of a part time position.

We guarantee to place every server that meets the following minimum requirements:

  1. You must take, complete and pass all free workshops. (workshops may be taken up to 3 times)

  2. You must have a current resume

  3. You must be available to go on a minimum of 10 interviews within 2 weeks of completing the workshops

  4. At an interview you must show up on time, utilizing the instructions we have given you for interviewing. (Proper Dress, Jewelry, On Time, Knowledge of Place Interviewing With, Conducting Oneself in a Professional Manor)

If all requirements are met, we guarantee permanent job placement if requested by you in 30 days or less. Failure to place you in a position will result in a refund of fees paid minus non-refundable registration fee.

Failure to meet the general minimal requirements will result in forfeiture of guarantee and all money paid for placement with no refund due.

Address: 2105 West Genesee St. Suite 101, Syracuse NY. 13219
Phone: (315)-396-2525 | Email: nyssrp@yahoo.com
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