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The NYS Server Recruiting & Placement Center is designed to provide employees, restaurants and customers with updated and proper serving techniques maximizing the customers dining experience, employees’ tips and overall profitability to the restaurant. Our free workshops will lead you from the beginning of the first “Hello” to the delivery of the check and everything in between associated with an amazing dining experience! NYSSRP is available for everyone from the new person interested in the serving business, to the experienced server looking to improve their level of service and increase their tips! Restaurant owners call today and save on interviewing and take the guess work outof hiring a new employee!

When you go out to eat, what is the number one most important part of the experience? When surveying the general public, 85 % of customers said the service is the make or break factor in most dining experiences. Believe it or not cleanliness also rates higher than the quality of the food. The fact is that this is the number one reason whether or not they will return to that restaurant in the future, and is usually reflected in the gratuity that they leave behind for their server.

When speaking to managers and owners in the restaurant industry, they will tell you their number one challenge is hiring, training, and maintaining a good quality wait staff. Most restaurants spend excessive amounts of money training new servers only to find out that they lack the knowledge and ability they were told they have. This works out to be a huge waste of time and financial expense, later reflecting on their profit and loss. When asked what one quality they would ask for to assist them in reducing this; it is most often stated: “They would love to hire knowledgeable, trained staff to step in and work with minimal cost/time, effectively raising their profit, lowering their losses and subsequently increasing their value and income to the company.”

With over 30 years collectively of restaurant experience we have been looking for quality, knowledgeable staff for our restaurants and to serve us on our special nights out. In most cases our experiences have fallen drastically short. So now we are bringing our extensive knowledge and experiences forward to help fill this huge void in service. Come join our team as an owner, manager or staff member and enjoy the effects of having or being an Elite Server(s) in New York State.

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